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The Future of the Oak Ridges Moraine: Advocates Speak Out at King Township

In a special public meeting on November 14, 2023, organized by Concerned Citizens of King Township (CCKT) and Save The Oak Ridges Moraine (STORM), the King community convened to address concerns regarding the proposed 160-bed Long-Term Care (LTC) facility near Mary Lake.

Janet Mior, a local resident and environmental advocate, initiated discussions, expressing worries about the potential environmental impact of the LTC facility. Drawing on Pope Francis’s teachings, she highlighted the conflict between environmental stewardship and the proposed construction on sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM) land.

Former MP Deb Schulte criticized the project's misalignment with sustainable practices, emphasizing the need to integrate LTC facilities into environmentally conscious communities. She raised concerns about the planning process and its potential implications for ORM conservation efforts.

Groundwater management expert Steve Holysh stressed the importance of long-term data management for sustainable water use, especially given climate change and evolving agricultural practices.

Susan Walmer, CEO of the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust, underscored the ORM's ecological and hydrological functions, urging community involvement in conservation and strong land-use control.

Seasoned conservationist Debbe Crandall expressed concern over the LTC facility and other development proposals, seeing them as conflicting with the vision of ORM conservation efforts.

Mary Muter, Chair of the Kingscross Ratepayers Association, provided a technical analysis, emphasizing potential ecological risks and advocating for comprehensive environmental evaluations.

The event showcased the community's commitment to environmental preservation, with speakers emphasizing the importance of mindful development aligned with conservation planning. They underscored the role of informed advocacy, stewardship, and community engagement in upholding ORM Conservation Plan and Greenbelt values for the region's ecological health for future generations.

View the recorded proceedings here.

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